We Have Your Home Owner's Insurance Covered

Homeowner’s Insurance prices have skyrocketed since Hurricane Katrina.  At Burke Insurance, we find affordable insurance packages that meet your needs.  

We have access to insurance carriers that will write the policy with wind included, so you can get out of the Mississippi Wind Pool, get more coverage, and save money.

Looking to Get Fair & Accurate Pay-Out from Your Insurance Company after a Storm? We Can Help!

We have teamed up with Storm Damages to help you recover from the damage brought by natural disasters – Wind Damage / Water Damage / Fire Damage and more.

Many times, insurers do not pay the tru value of the damage done – Storm Damages makes sure they do!

Visit Storm Damages.Claims today to get help on your claim to your insurance company

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Explore All the Ways We Can Have You Covered

Home Owner's Insurance

Helping You Hold Up that Roof over Your Head

We've Got You Covered

We're Your Local Connection to the Big Insurance Companies, Fighting for Your Lowest Rate & Greatest Coverage.
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Medicare Supplemental

We can Save You Money & Provide Peace of Mind

We've Got You Covered

With a Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan, you can decrease out-of-pocket health care expenses.
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Commercial Insurance

Don't Let Your Business Interests go Unprotected

We've Got You Covered

We can help choose the best coverage for your assets and also minimize your liability.
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Automobile Insurance

We'll Help You Cruise with the perfect Plan for Your Needs

We've Got You Covered

Don't pay for more than you need, and make sure you have enough to cruise in comfort.
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Life & Health Insurance

Let Us Guide You to the Insurance that's Best for Your Health & Your Wallet

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Our connections to a number of top-ranking insurance agencies allows us to get the perfect plan for you.
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